Managed Print Services (MPS) Explained

Printing can sometimes be like flying on an airplane. It doesn't make sense to be burdened with the expenses of the aircraft, paying for its maintenance, fuel and supplies when all you need is to get from point A to point B. Printing is the same - you don't really need the printer, you just need what the printer produces. Managed Print Solutions (MPS) is like outsourcing the maintenance and support required for your printing requirements so you can focus on what you do best running your business. In the process, MPS creates stability and can slash printing costs by up to 30%.

National MPS is our MPS service and we draw from our knowledge of available products and implementations to build a custom managed print solution for your business. We offer a three step plan:
National Ink & Toner will take your existing print environment and make it work for your needs. We will provide your business with continuous support, monitoring, and solutions for all of your office printing needs. Intelligent printing has never been so simple and seamless!
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Step 1: Assess your current print environment
Our consultants will review your office layout and staff size, and examine data from your current printing devices and use this data to understand how your office uses printing devices, and if these devices efficiently serve the needs of your organization.
Step 2: Identify opportunities for improvement
We then provide recommendations for your business, which may include options for increasing productivity and efficiency; suggestions for minimizing print costs and waste; and device consolidation. We may also suggest selective replacement of devices to optimize your printing system.
Step 3: Manage your on-going printing requirements
We then implement a cohesive, intelligent printing system and management tools to optimize your efficiency by selecting the brands and printing devices that best meet your needs; installing new technology (if required) and creating reliable, scalable systems to manage your day-to-day printing and imaging; and monitoring your printing devices and providing services, parts, and supplies when and where you need them.
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