Have a supply of old printer cartridges?

National Ink & Toner will buy those old, obsolete or used cartridges. Often due to machine upgrades, customers can find themselves with a surplus of toner cartridges. Instead of letting these cartridges clutter up your office or sending them to a landfill (which creates an ecological nightmare and can take thousands of years to for them to decompose), recycle these non-biodegradable products by letting us buy your empty print cartridges and unused surplus supplies.

Selling us those old, obsolete or used print cartridges is an easy way to cut expenses. These cartridges are used in various recycling programs, keeping them out of our landfills.

How do you proceed?

Not all cartridges have the same value. Their value is dependent upon supply, demand and the popularity of the cartridge.

Call us and we will review your inventory and we will give you an quote on what we are willing to pay.
Computer printer manufacturers used the "Gillette Theory" of marketing, which is, "give the razor away for free and charge handsomely for the frequently used razor blades." In other words, sell the consumer the computer printer for $99.00 or less, and charge them up to $40.00 for the replacement ink cartridge.

It did not take long for entrepreneurs to come up with the idea of refilling the empty cartridges and selling them back to the consumer for 40% to 70% less than the OEM cartridges. Thus the remanufactured cartridge industry was born. There are two basic raw materials in remanufactured cartridges, ink or toner, and empty inkjet and laser cartridges. The ink can be purchased from ink supply companies, however, the empty cartridges have to be collected from the consumers and business that have the empty cartridges. Unfortunately, hundreds of millions of empty cartridges were being thrown in the trash, destined for our landfills, until cartridge recycling programs were established.
Why do empty cartridges have value?
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